3 Reasons to Earn Technician Certification with Appliance Repair Training

appliance repair training
Fred's Appliance Academy
July 13, 2016

Mechanically inclined people looking to acquire a specific trade have a great option as an appliance service technician. Appliances in the typical American household range from trash compactors to modern high-tech refrigerators. One thing appliances have in common is their need to be maintained and repaired every once in awhile. This provides mechanically inclined people with a career opportunity, and leads to this discussion of 3 reasons to earn technician certification with appliance repair training.

      1. Cross-Training
      2. Train New Hires
      3. Start Own Business


Appliance Technician Overview

These are the types of appliances a technician will work on:

    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Ice Makers
    • Trash Compactors
    • Dishwashers
    • Dryers
    • Washers
    • Wall Ovens
    • Gas Ranges
    • Electric Ranges
    • Microwaves
    • Gas Cook tops
    • Electric Cook tops



1. Cross-Training

Some tradesman may want to add some additional skills to their business’s services. Maybe a plumber, electrician, carpenter, handy-man, or auto mechanic wants to branch out and offer appliance repair as well. Taking a three-week training course, getting some hands-on experience with appliances, and becoming a certified technician, expands the services they can offer customers.

Training could be a refresher course for some people, who’ve been out of the trade for a long period of time. Appliances have changed considerably in the last couple decades, and learning from a few week training course is much easier than from trial and error in the field.


2. Training New Hires

Appliance repair businesses often have a need to train new hires in appliance repair. They may not have the time or ability to properly conduct this training, and training in the field would lead to mistakes and bad service. For “green” new hires with potential, sending them to appliance repair training is the solution.

A few weeks course covering the basic fundamentals of appliance repair will give them: classroom instruction, hands-on practice, and troubleshooting and repair skills. For the right apprentice hire, investing in appliance repair training will benefit your company for years to come.


3. Start Own Business

Becoming a certified appliance service technician with appliance repair training is done by entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses. With every American household containing multiple appliances, there’s no shortage of work needing to be done. With a good median annual salary as a technician, a business owner should fare even better.

Spending less than a month of time going to appliance repair training school is a way for mechanically and business minded entrepreneurs to start their own appliance repair business. This could also be the beginning step toward this goal; first starting with an established company after putting oneself through the training.


Fred’s Appliance Academy

Located in Madison, OH, Fred’s Appliance Academy has been training appliance service technicians for nearly a decade. There’s a full three-week course and specific one-week courses available. Course skills include: appliance electrical theory, refrigeration, ranges, dishwashers, top load washers, front load washers, dryers, and microwaves.

A unique attribute about Fred’s Appliance Academy, LLC is Fred’s Flats, which is comfortable housing for students to stay in during their training. The housing includes a private bedroom and all the amenities for a comfortable stay. Fred’s Flats is within short walking distance from the Academy.



Investing in appliance repair training and spending less than a month earning certification as an appliance service technician is a great opportunity for mechanically inclined people.

Whether you’re adding on to your skill set, wanting a quality place to train new hires, or individually seeking trade skills to eventually start your own business, Fred’s Appliance Academy in Madison, Ohio is the premium place to go. Please contact us today to learn more.


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