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Fred’s Appliance Academy offers a diverse technical training program that covers all aspects of appliance repair.

Our hands-on program provides students with the skills and experience to service all major appliances, from washing machines and dryers, to ranges and refrigerators. Our three week Basic Appliance Repair Course is a part of the training process for new hires among many appliance repair companies across North America.

We want to help your company grow the right way by getting technicians to feel confident in their diagnosis and not guess causing your business and your customers to suffer. We want them to succeed and enjoy their work like we do.

Fred's Appliance Academy
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5 out of 5 stars

Mike Ethier
Mike Ethier

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Excellent appliance repair training. Good for beginners too, but as a tech who has some experience in working solo on jobs I found it to be perfectly suited to my situation. The course filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge as well as giving me a deeper understanding of problems I had already encountered in the field. Best of all, I learned many new and efficient ways to find problems with appliances in the most direct way.

I would recommend this course to someone of virtually any skill level, but above all to those who have a bit of experience in the field and would really like to begin mastering it.

More than just an appliance repair school

A bulk of your time will be spent on learning these products but throughout the course you will be learning the following:

Guest Speakers

Our instructors are the best in the business, but we believe in a collaborative experience when teaching. You will hear from manufacturer representatives and parts distributors while attending this course. A great way to network with industry professionals.

How to Conduct Yourself

We take for granted the process of being a technician. Yes, fixing the appliance is your immediate priority but you are also servicing a person. To maintain a long, successful career, you need to know how to handle yourself in a customer’s home. Let us share with you what we have learned over the years so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Learning Environment

Once you are on our campus, everything is within walking distance. We also have a dedicated channel in your flat for exclusive training videos to keep you engaged during your downtime. You will eat, breath, sleep appliance repair while you are here.

Utilize the Tools Available

Not just the hand tools you will need for the repair, but the technology that’s available. We will show you how to stay organized and safe online while also showing you how to find and reference technical material using just your smartphone. There is no magic tablet with all the answers, but with a little practice, you will be able to use the power of the internet to your advantage.

How to Lookup Parts

We encourage our students to use illustrated part lookups while participating in our hands-on lab sessions. This is a skill that every technician needs to operate in the field to ensure they are going to order the right part for the customer.

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Students From All Over The World

We are proud of our hands-on lab training, which provides the best learning environment available in appliance repair.

We have had students from nearly every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, attend our class. We have also welcomed students from Canada, Bermuda, Singapore, Equatorial Guinea, and the Dominican Republic!

Appliance repair is in demand all across the country!


Each course includes student housing which is within walking distance of the Academy itself.

We truly believe in how we teach our students. To accomplish this fast paced training, we need our students to be staying on sight. This allows our students to interact with each other after class. This helps build bonds that can help them in the real world, but also it helps in the learning experience.

We also have created a dedicated video channel within the Flat’s to provide additional education. We even assign homework through the channel. The more options a student has to learn the material, the better the results!

Payment Options and Financial Aid

At this time, we can only accept State and Local grants and some limited financial aid options so long as our program meets their requirements. If you qualify for a grant to cover your education through a local office have them contact us to see if our program qualifies. We are registered with the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and our programs have been approved by them. However, we cannot accept Title IV funding as our programs of instruction do not meet the length requirements. We are still working on accepting other forms of funding and expect to have these options available to our students by 2017.

For any single or three week course, we only require $599.50 to reserve a spot. Students can make payments up until the first days of class; however, the course needs to be paid in full by the first day of class.  

Scholarship Opportunities

Paypal Credit

If you live in the United States and are in need of financing for your training, you can apply for credit through Paypal.

You must register a class and pay the initial payment of $599.50 to reserve your spot.
Then if you are approved for Paypal credit, please fill out the form below to process your payment and remaining balance owed.

If you process a payment prior to registering for a class, you will not be guaranteed a spot until you register.

appliance repair toolbox

Is it always a struggle to find the proper tools for appliance repair? Our staff took the time to do the shopping for you. This list is always improving thanks to feedback from our network.

appliance repair tools

Designed and hand-built at Fred’s Appliance Academy by technicians, for technicians. Our goal is to fix it right the first time and to do it as fast as possible without compromising our stellar service. If we can’t find the right tool for the job, our in-house engineer works to build our own tool.

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