Understanding the Difference Between Appliance Repair and HVAC Repair

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November 30, 2016

When you think about the service industry there are many different professionals and professions to consider. For example, you may be wondering: if one of my appliances breaks,  what service should I call; appliance repair or HVAC repair? Here are the key differences in the field.

Appliance Repair

When you call someone in the appliance repair field, they are highly trained and qualified to fix your appliance. These individuals are cross trained on a variety of potential fixes for appliances. This means that they have a great deal of knowledge about electric work, plumbing, refrigeration, etc.

Any appliance repair professional will be able to find solutions and repair problems on the spot. And since they will work with a variety of appliances that could have a wide range of issues, they need to be trained about all the different scenarios that could be causing the problem.

Working in the appliance repair field, you should have not only your GED or high school diploma, but also have technical school or vocational school training. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also specifies that professionals who work with refrigeration must be certified to handle and work with chemicals and sensitive appliances.

When you plan to get into the field, you need to not only get initial training, but also need to continue to learn about the newest technologies connected with appliances in order to stay current on your repair information. As appliances become more high-tech so should your knowledge of how to repair them.

HVAC Repair

An HVAC repair person, on the other hand, is more specially trained in certain areas. Their area of expertise is with heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. In these fields, they are able to do work from the very beginning of the installation until completion.

As an HVAC repair person, you will be able to fix some appliances; however, you will not acquire the specific training of certified appliance repair professionals. Of course, you can go also work on other areas of your home like its heating and cooling units. Professionals in this field are trained and are highly capable of finding solutions and fixing problems.

Additionally, depending on the state that you work in, your may have to obtain a license to practice HVAC repair. For many techs, getting a specific certificate, diploma, or degree is a great way to get your formal credentials.

Who Should I Get?

When you are in need of repairs in your home, it’s important to find the most qualified person for your specific job. If you have a problem with your washing machine not washing clothes properly and something is wrong with the electric panel, you need to call an appliance repair technician. They will be better equipped to find the problem, and know the best way to fix it. The same is true for your dishwasher, as an HVAC person may not be as familiar with the issues you would experience.

Generally speaking, a broken appliance will require an appliance repair professional to fix the issue. They will have a more broad knowledge of what could all possibly be wrong, and different solutions on how to fix it.

Although both professions are very valuable and very useful, an HVAC repair person is more specifically trained in particular areas than a more broadly trainer appliance repair person. There can be some overlap; for example an HVAC individual could repair problems with your refrigerator’s cooling system, just like an appliance repair person. But an HVAC repair person is better suited for your home’s air conditioning unit, duct work, fixing a furnace, etc.

If you are looking to get trained in one of the two, both professionals are good to get into. However, if you are looking to have a broader skill set, then you should go with appliance repair. If you want to be more specialized, HVAC repair work is a better choice for you. Regardless of what field you work in, you should be prepared to always expand your knowledge in these ever-changing fields. To learn more about appliance repair and how to get properly trained, please contact us.

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