Remove Shipping Bolts from Front Load Washer

Fred's Appliance Academy
September 17, 2021

Hi, my name is Renae, and I'm an appliance repair tech. If you have a brand new front load washing machine that's shaking all over the place no matter how you load it, you need to watch the rest of this video. Front load washing machines have shocks just like your car. They help absorb all of the shimmy and shake that happens when your machine goes into a spin. But when a front load washing machine is being transported, the tub needs to be locked in place so that it doesn't bang around inside of the cabinet and break parts. So when front load washing machines are shipped from the factory, they're shipped with shipping bolts in place.

The shipping bolts are located on the back of your machine and they need to be removed before you can use it for the first time. This is what they look like, but they don't always have a yellow tag on them. So make sure you look for them anyway. I'm going to show you two different examples of front load washing machines. One with shipping bolts in place, as you see here, and one with them removed. On the washing machine with the shipping bolts in place, I can pull on the drum and it doesn't move back and forth at all because it's locked in place. This washer doesn't have the shipping bolts in place, and you can see when I pull on the drum, it moves back and forth on the shock absorbers.

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