Where do all the Socks go?

Fred's Appliance Academy
August 19, 2021
Dryer Training

So you want to know where all the socks go, huh?



We're going to tell them where the socks go. Okay, so here's the deal. Sometimes if you overload your washing machine, it can actually overflow a little bit and the socks can get stuck in between the tub and the drum.


Yeah, really.

Is that how Jim got lost?

Yeah! And you want to know what else can happen?


Sometimes, if you're drying your clothes in your dryer, if you forget to put the lint filter back in place, the socks can go down inside there and they can get stuck!

And if they get stuck, the dryer won't be able to turn.

That's a problem.


So in conclusion, if you don't want to lose your socks, don't overload your washing machine and make sure you put the lint filter back in before you start a load in your dryer.



Do you think Renae is losing her mind?

Oh, most definitely.

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