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Learn how to Repair Electric Dryers
with our step-by-step video diagnostics guide in our virtual classroom.

We’ve collected over 50 years of field experience and displayed it in our unique online course with a combination of videos, photos, gifs and practical reading. Our unique approach includes detailed breakdowns of components, diagnostics, schematic reading and direct access to an instructor for support along the way. We’ve designed this self-paced course to teach you the fundamentals and to provide you with a troubleshooting reference guide while performing repairs. 



    Our Diagnostics module has a unique way of explaining how to troubleshoot.

    We've leveraged data from our sister service company to narrow down to the 8 most common dryer complaints.

    We've provided you a step-by-step series of videos on how to check each component based on common dryer symptoms. These videos are also paired with direct access to each component discussed in each video. This clever design will surely position you for success in electric dryer repairs!


    Our platform provides a detailed breakdown of every major component found in an electric dryer. This include pictures, gifs of them in action & a detailed video on how to replace each of them. Our course will position you to have the needed confidence to tackle a repair on an electric dryer.


    Our intelligent platform provides accessibility to information in a logical way. It offers access to the class while-on-the-go with your mobile device. We have carefully tagged our instructional videos that quickly skip to components as needed. We provide access to our sharp instructor that will be available to provide support as you progress throughout the course.
    Electric Dryers
    Online Training
    • Step-by-Step Video Diagnostics Guide
    • Direct Access to Instructor
    • Self-Paced
    • Videos, Photos, Gifs
    • Detailed Component Breakdown
    • Over 50 Years of Combined Field Experience
    • Completely Virtual Experience
    • No Prerequisites
    • Estimated 15-20 Hours to Complete
    • Accessible for Anyone (Career Change, New Hires, Employer-Sponsored Training, Seeking a New Skill!)

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