How to properly test your range or oven temperature

Fred's Appliance Academy
March 11, 2021

To test the oven’s temperature, a thermometer such as the one that comes with a multimeter or an infrared thermometer can be used. Place a small cast iron pan inside the oven on the center rack and run the oven at 350 degrees. It is important to let the oven heat cycle two to three times before testing temperatures. Heat cycling involves allowing the oven to cycle the heat on and off after the original preheat to maintain temperatures. If using a thermometer such as the one that came with a multimeter, it should be placed inside of another metal object set on top of the cast iron pan to hold it in place. If using an infrared thermometer, it should be held as close to the pan as you can safely get it. The temperature on the thermometer should be within 10 degrees of the set temperature of the oven.

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