Certified by Fred's

Show customers what you know by displaying the Fred's Appliance Academy Logo proudly and accurately.

Using an Academy logo on a website requires authorization from Fred's Appliance Academy. To receive authorization, you must:

  • Provide the URL (Web address) of the site where the logo will appear.
  • Provide the name and class (example: May 2016) of at least one of the Academy certified personnel in your employ.
  • Agree that Fred's Appliance Academy reserves the right to have you remove the Academy logo from your website for whatever reasons Fred's Appliance Academy deems necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, misrepresentation, fraud, rendering the logo to be disproportionate or altering its colors, or combining the logo with any other corporate or organizational logo or text so as to infer the impression of a partnership, strategic alliance, or other business affiliation.
  • Agree not to redistribute the logo to other entities for any reason.
  • Once we confirm that you or an employee of yours has attended and passed our three week course, we will supply you a couple logo options for your web developer to embed on your website.

Apply for the Certified Logo

This is the email we will respond back to and the email we will send the logos to.
Whether it's you or your employee, we need to verify who attended and graduated from our three week course.
The domain or webpage you plan on adding the logos to.