Proud to support Remember Ur Furry Friends Fundraiser

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The 4th annual Remember Ur Furry Friends (R.U.F.F.) Fundraiser will be held at my home on July 15, 2017. All proceeds and donations generated from this event will be directly donated to the ACAPL. The event last year raised almost $5,000.00. Every day the ACAPL strives to provide temporary shelter for upwards of 200-300 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at … Read More

Should I Use a Password Manager?

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“I use the same password for everything, how can I expect to remember all these different logins otherwise?”  Does this sound familiar?  Many folks use the same practices for internet security that were employed during the 90s, but what we use the internet for in today’s modern economy is too crucial to follow outdated practices like this.  At Fred’s Appliance Academy, … Read More

Lokring Training Added to Our Courses

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whirlpool lokring

With the release of r600a refrigeration products, our Academy team has been hard at work trying to learn the best and most productive methods when conducting sealed system training.  We are excited to announce that we have added Lokring training to our courses moving forward.    This is not to replace our current training methods, we are just adding it to the … Read More

Do You See Appliance Repair Training In Your Future?

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Being a part of the appliance repair industry will mean you will have many opportunities to experience a variety of jobs. The appliance repair industry involves many different people, areas, and problems. There are many potential benefits of working in the appliance repair industry, whether it is for household appliance repairs or commercial appliance repairs. Receiving appliance repair training can … Read More

2017 Course Schedule

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We at Fred’s Appliance Academy hope that everyone had a productive 2016!  We are jumping into 2017 with both feet as we continue our goal of training as many technicians as possible to solve our technician crisis. With a new year comes a new course schedule so book now while seats are still available!  Feel free to contact us with … Read More

Dacor Technical Support Getting Hands On Training

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dacor training

As we close out 2016, we hope that everyone has had a productive year in appliance repair.  We ended our year training on basic refrigeration.  It’ was a great group with a lot of technicians that had experience and were looking to sharpen their skills and feel more confident when making a sealed system repair. Dacor, the high-end brand of Samsung, … Read More

5 Skills Effective Appliance Repair Training Can Teach You

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appliance repair training

If you are looking to further your knowledge in appliance repair, you need to make sure to find a program that can actually help you succeed. Whether you are just looking to repair your own appliances or actually want to turn your newfound expertise into a profession, here are 5 skills effective appliance repair training can (and should) teach you. … Read More

Should You Go Into Appliance Repair or Become an Electrician? A Few Things to Consider

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If you are mechanically inclined, enjoy problem solving and troubleshooting, and are interested in a new career, you may be considering both the appliance repair and electrician industries. While these career paths have some similarities and are appealing for similar reasons, there are also some major differences to keep in mind: What These Jobs Have in Common: Becoming either an appliance … Read More

Samsung Washer Recall Details – Are washers exploding?

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With a joint announcement on November 4, 2016 from Samsung and Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2.8 million Samsung washing machines are being recalled due to safety risks.  Samsung has also issued a safety warning for anyone who currently owns one of the models listed below. This recall involves 34 models of Samsung top-load washing machines.  The washing machines have mid-controls or … Read More

Student Traveled Halfway Across the World to Attend Our Course

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When Fred founded Fred’s Appliance Academy back in 2008, he never could have imagined that our training would be in such high demand that students would travel halfway across the world to attend our courses.  We can now proudly say we are a training facility that serves a global market.  While we have had international students from Canada and Bermuda, the students … Read More