Invest in Training

For those that are considering sponsoring a student to attend our Academy, (we welcome self pay students too, and have had many of them) we would like to assist you in making sure this training investment is sensible for your company. We’ve designed our Academy with the ability to prove real value to our clients.

There are in fact several variables to consider, but we’ve plugged in some sensible numbers in the fields below to assist you in concluding your return on investment. All of the variables below can be adjusted by you to fit your model. We are confident that all of the costs associated with our training program are paid for with productivity in less than 1 year, and sometimes in less than 6 months!

So, a return on investment in less than 1 year? What’s the catch? You as an employer are responsible for choosing the right candidate, and you will be well on your way in growing your model technician!

Plug your own numbers in below and see for yourself!

Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and School Registration Number 13-03-2010T