4 Tools You Need If You’re Working with Gas Appliances

The difference between DIY appliance repairs and professional work is the experience. Once you’ve repaired a few different models of the different major appliances, their systems make sense. Basic problems become almost intuitive to troubleshoot. You gain familiarity with the quirks and individual specs in how different companies diagram their appliances’ wiring. Each time you take a machine apart and … Read More

Three Things You Should Do After Every Appliance Repair Job

Appliance repair isn’t easy, and you’re on the clock. Your whole day is probably booked with different houses or commercial buildings you need to get to. Complicated troubleshooting and tedious repairs get in the way of a full day’s work, and being late for appointments are bad for business. But you should never end an appointment at a customer’s property … Read More

Congrats to our graduating July 2018 Laundry class

We’re proud of our graduates from July 2018 Basic Laundry Repair course.  This is our first one-week laundry course! We wish them all the best of luck as they continue their career in appliance repair!

3 Principles for the Safe Use of Tools

There’s no doubt that an appliance technician’s tools are important for getting a job done correctly. However, poorly handled tools are not only unhelpful, they can also be dangerous to the user. That’s why it’s critical that appliance technicians understand how to use their tools properly and responsibly; otherwise, an accident is much more likely to occur and someone could get … Read More

Congrats to our graduating June 2018 class

We’re proud of our graduates from June 2018 Basic Appliance Repair course.  This was our first time offering a class during June. We wish them all the best of luck as they begin a career in appliance repair!

Fill in Your Knowledge Gaps: Comprehensive and Specialty Courses Help Re-frame Your Knowledge

Appliance repair and IT have something in common: both theoretical number and hands-on expertise matter. That’s why our courses focus on experience, for both new technicians and experienced professionals. Hands-on training is important in a hands-on business, and keeping up with industry advances keeps your business current. Here’s how our three-week and one-week courses can help. Get ahead with smart … Read More

Thanks Encompass! CSR Basic Appliance Repair Training

Last week, Adam and Alex, had the pleasure of training at the new Encompass facility near Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a great group of participants and we were thrilled to experiment with some new training material that we are excited to share with the rest of the industry. Our focus has always been on HANDS-ON appliance repair training for technicians … Read More