How Refrigerators Work

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Hi, my name is Renae. I’m an appliance repair tech, and today we’re going to talk about how fridges work. So as most of you are probably aware, refrigerators have something called refrigerant, sometimes referred to as Freon, that flows through your fridge and helps keep things cool. The part that makes the refrigerant flow-through is called your compressor. Most … Read More

Tiny Washing Machine

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Where do all the Socks go?

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So you want to know where all the socks go, huh? Hey! What? We’re going to tell them where the socks go. Okay, so here’s the deal. Sometimes if you overload your washing machine, it can actually overflow a little bit and the socks can get stuck in between the tub and the drum. Really? Yeah, really. Is that how … Read More

Preparing for your Appliance Service Visit

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Hi, my name is Renae and I’m an appliance repair tech. About a week ago, somebody in one of my lives asked me what can the customer do to make life easier for both the appliance repair tech and the customer? Here are my recommendations. Number one, have your breakers labeled accurately. A lot of repairs require us to turn … Read More

How to Become an Appliance Technician

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Two of the most common questions that I get asked are how did I become an appliance repair tech? And how do you become an appliance repair tech? For me personally, my origin story is a little bit unique. I needed a job. A coworker of mine was already working for this company and gave me a really good reference. … Read More

Is Your Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry?

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This is the dryer, but it’s also attached to a washer. The dryer does not dry. The dryer is- Hey, Mercury. I’m so glad that you asked me this question, because I run into people who say that their dryer takes too long to dry all of the time.  So I wanted to take the opportunity to explain to you … Read More

How to Fix Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code

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Bosch is known for making reliable, high-quality dishwashers. However, over time, wear and tear will still occur and cause various issues. If your Bosch dishwasher is displaying an “E24” error code, it means that the dishwasher is not draining properly. The issue is usually caused by a clogged filter. However, if the issue persists after cleaning the filter, the drain … Read More

8 Steps to Fix LG Washer UE Error Code

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If your LG front-load washer is displaying a UE error code, it means your washing machine’s control board has determined that the load in your washer isn’t balanced. When this happens, your washer won’t spin around until you balance the load or fix whatever faulty component is causing the error code to show. Hopefully, it is something simple causing the … Read More

Laundry Detergent Use in Your Washer

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You’re using too much laundry detergent. Too much laundry detergent. You only need two tablespoons. Two tablespoons. My name is Renae, I’m an appliance repair tech, and I’m here to tell you the truth. If your washing machine is high efficiency, or HE, you should only be using HE detergent. HE detergent is extremely concentrated and HE machines use less … Read More