How to properly test a refrigerator thermistor

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One of the most accurate ways to test your refrigerator’s thermistors is with a glass of ice water, and I will explain why. Here I have this thermistor hooked up to my multimeter, and we’re going to submerge it into a glass of ice water. If you saw my multimeter before I submerged the thermistor in the ice water, it … Read More

How to remove excessive suds in your washing machine

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If you ever open up your washing machine to find this, I hate to break it to you, but you got a problem. That’s too much soap. So let me explain why and how to get rid of it. The fact of the matter is if your washing machine looks like this, you’re simply using way too much soap. Modern-day … Read More

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Clean a Front Load Washer

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Washing machines are important appliances in homes because they help us quickly and effortlessly clean our dirty laundry. But a lot of people often forget to clean their washing machines as they think they are self-cleaning. While this is partially true, washing machines still require a regular clean to stop mold and grime from building up in them. In this … Read More

How to Install a Tumble Dryer

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Having a tumble dryer can make life a lot easier and leave you wondering how you ever lived without one in the past. They enable you to dry washing quickly no matter the weather, assuming they have been installed correctly.  There are three main types of tumble dryers: condenser, vented, and heat pump. The condenser dryer works by removing moisture … Read More

How to properly monitor the temperature in your refrigerator

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So you’re using one of those little thermometers that you put on the shelf to make sure that your refrigerator is running at the temperature you set it at. Well, you’re doing it wrong. So here’s the deal. When you put that thermometer on your shelf all you’re doing monitoring the air temperature. The unit goes through defrost cycles and … Read More

How to replace your oven light cover

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Having trouble getting that pesky cover off to replace your oven light? Let me give you a couple tips. So the first and obvious way, and you’ve likely already tried, is just to use your hands. Lefty Lucy, righty tighty. Turn the cover to the left, pop it off, swap the bulb, put the cover back on, turn it to … Read More

Optimize Your Dishwasher: Run Hot Water First!

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If you’re not doing this [running hot water] before you start your dishwasher, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not doing it right. By running hot water at the sink before you start the dishwasher, what you’re doing is priming the lines with hot water. That way, when you turn on your dishwasher, it instantly fills with … Read More

4 Reasons Why Your Dryer Takes Forever to Dry

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If your dryer is taking forever to dry, you’re in the right place. When this happens your dryer effectively becomes unusable as it isn’t able to do its job of drying your laundry properly. In this article, we are going to discuss the four main reasons why your dryer takes forever to dry, including: The dryer might be overloaded The … Read More