What Screwdrivers Do You Need for General Appliance Repair

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Screws are never standardized. If you find a socket plate in one room with flathead screws, one on even the other side of the same room might have a Phillips head screw. Appliances are particularly varied because screws come in different shapes and sizes, as do the angles around them that give you little access for dismantling an appliance. Here are … Read More

Mr Appliance Scholarship Opportunity

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mr appliance

This scholarship opportunity is only available to Mr. Appliance Franchises.  Fred’s Appliance Academy is offering a full scholarship for our three week course on Basic Appliance Repair.  For entry, there are two stages.  The first tier is an internal metric provided by Mr Appliance home office.  If a franchise meets the first tier, this would qualify them to move to … Read More


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With 2017 coming to a close, our staff at Fred’s Appliance Academy is looking towards 2018.  We are excited to announce that our team will be in attendance at the Annual Service Training Institute(ASTI).   ASTI 2018 is taking place in St. Pete, Florida, January 21 – 25, 2018. Some of our team will be teaching various classes at ASTI.  We also will … Read More

How to Test Electric Components with a Multimeter

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One of the most important tools in your toolbox — both physically and in terms of your own experience and know-how — is a multimeter. Most people are leery of working with electricity, and for good reason: electricity can be dangerous when working on any appliance, and knowing when you’re doing something right or wrong can be tricky. Most appliances … Read More

How Electrical Work Can Easily Expand to Include Appliance Repair

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Electrical work is just a step away from appliance repair. In many ways, it’s even a step beyond it because you have extensive certification and experience with potentially riskier circumstances. While construction and electrical repair are always in demand, expanding your business so you can offer your customers a full range of electrical and appliance servicing is a great step to … Read More

Take Advantage of Your HVAC Certification and Experience to Repair Appliances

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Appliance repair and HVAC servicing are often tied closely together. But because HVAC is a specific type of field service, it can seem like the two areas doesn’t quite connect: appliance repair technicians need additional certifications to get involved in HVAC repair, and specializing in air conditioning means you might not get a lot of exposure to other appliances. But … Read More

New Course Dates for 2018 are here!

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Wow, what a year.  As we start to turn the page to 2018, we really hope that you have had a productive 2017. In 2017, we trained more students this year than in any other year of our Academy’s history!  Our students are coming from new markets like Port-du-Prince, Haiti(Caribbean) and Nairobi, Kenya(Africa).  We want to reward the continued support … Read More