7 Professional Tips for Never Losing Your Tools

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There is nothing more frustrating than reaching for the exact tool you need, only to find it missing. Whether you have an organized toolbox or a rattling hardware bag, there always seems to be at least one missing piece – if not more – at any given time. This is a struggle of repair technicians and handy family members since … Read More

Learn Appliance Repair Online – A Platform Backed by 50 Years of Field Experience

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In the past few months, the world put on the breaks to combat the pandemic spread. Many areas are recovering but to maintain the forward movement, methods have needed to change. Business models across the board, in every industry, have adapted to the new way of doing things. Those industries that are most necessary have had to do the most … Read More

The 9 Most Common Tools Needed for Appliance Repair

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Appliance repair involves a number of specialty tools. You may need a resettable fuse, condenser brushes, canned air, and calipers for specialty jobs – and there are more than a few specialty jobs to be done every year. However, the vast majority of appliance repairs can be performed with a short and common list of tools. Those who are unfamiliar with the … Read More

The Benefits of Learning Appliance Repair

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Appliance repair is a surprisingly useful skill that does well in the current market. Chances are good that this will nearly always be the case as well, so it’s a great time to learn and get started in a career. Introduction to Appliance Repair The world is increasingly becoming one where practical skills you can sell to others are critical … Read More

Appliance Industry 2020 Q3 Results

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Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter. Q3Statement Q3Analysis Q3Statement Q3Analysis Q3Statement Q3Analysis Q3Statement Q3Analysis

7 Recession-Proof Reasons to Learn Appliance Repair

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Everyone knows that the economy is changing, and not just in the way that economies change all the time. It’s no surprise that a global crisis like the recent pandemic hit the economy hard and a recession, at least a brief one, is the natural result. Many people are being more careful about spending, with unsure plans and possibilities ahead. … Read More

How to Clean the Oven Door Glass

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Welcome back to Fred’s Appliance Academy, everybody. And today we’re going to be going over how to clean the glass on your oven door. We’re going to begin by opening up the door to gain access to the hinges so we can release the locks. Use a flathead screwdriver to lift up on the lock. You can do this from … Read More

Fixing Your GE Dryer When It Won’t Start

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When you’re General Electrics, GE dryer won’t start a cycle, the natural instinct is to panic. After all, it’s not a simple case of replacing the heating element or checking that the right mode is selected. At this stage, your GE machine doesn’t simply feel faulty. It feels broken. However, while the immediate impacts are huge (you won’t be able … Read More

Why is Your Samsung Dryer Not Working and Drying the Clothes?

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Dryers are among the most useful appliances in the home. Once they stop working, though, they are rendered redundant until you fix the underlying faults. While the Samsung brand is widely accepted as one of the most reliable for long-term usage, they are still vulnerable to wear and tear. Left untreated, clothes will be left wet and smelling. Before considering … Read More

Why Isn’t Your Samsung Electric Dryer Working?

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There’s never a good time to have problems with your clothes dryer. As an appliance that’s used on a regular basis, you could soon be left with a lot of damp clothing if your clothes dryer were to suddenly stop working or have an issue. The good news is that if your Samsung clothes dryer isn’t working, we can talk … Read More