How to Test Electric Components with a Multimeter

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One of the most important tools in your toolbox — both physically and in terms of your own experience and know-how — is a multimeter. Most people are leery of working with electricity, and for good reason: electricity can be dangerous when working on any appliance, and knowing when you’re doing something right or wrong can be tricky. Most appliances … Read More

Congrats to our graduating November 2017 class!

We’re proud of our graduates from our November 2017 Basic Appliance Repair course.   Stay warm as the snow begins! We wish them all the best of luck as they begin a career in appliance repair!

How Electrical Work Can Easily Expand to Include Appliance Repair

Electrical work is just a step away from appliance repair. In many ways, it’s even a step beyond it because you have extensive certification and experience with potentially riskier circumstances. While construction and electrical repair are always in demand, expanding your business so you can offer your customers a full range of electrical and appliance servicing is a great step to … Read More

Take Advantage of Your HVAC Certification and Experience to Repair Appliances

Appliance repair and HVAC servicing are often tied closely together. But because HVAC is a specific type of field service, it can seem like the two areas doesn’t quite connect: appliance repair technicians need additional certifications to get involved in HVAC repair, and specializing in air conditioning means you might not get a lot of exposure to other appliances. But … Read More

New Course Dates for 2018 are here!

Wow, what a year.  As we start to turn the page to 2018, we really hope that you have had a productive 2017. In 2017, we trained more students this year than in any other year of our Academy’s history!  Our students are coming from new markets like Port-du-Prince, Haiti(Caribbean) and Nairobi, Kenya(Africa).  We want to reward the continued support … Read More

Is your business listed accurately online? Here is why it’s so important.

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In field service, your customer storefront is your truck, your appearance, your website, and your phone number.  Maintaining a storefront for replacement parts and white good sales makes sense, but field service has to focus on these other areas to reach new customers and re-engage old ones.   While ensuring you have a dynamic website is important, how your business … Read More

Congrats to our graduating October 2017 class!

We’re proud of our graduates from our October 2017 Basic Appliance Repair course.  We did some time-traveling back to the 1980s for our background with Stranger Things. We wish them all the best of luck as they begin a career in appliance repair!

How Plumbing and Appliance Repair Involve the Same Ways of Thinking

When people are faced with a sudden leak in their home’s plumbing, their first impulse is to shut off the water and call in an expert. And when that leak springs from an appliance, the response is almost exactly the same: unplug the appliance and get a new one. If you work on housing plumbing, many of the same skills and … Read More

4 Ways Experienced Electricians Have an Edge in Appliance Repair

One of the crazy things about the appliance industry is the sheer amount of technology that can be covered by a simple word. “Appliance” simply means a medium to a small self-contained device that has an everyday use in your home. Everything from your washing machine to your blender count as appliances, though they are wildly different. Whether the specific … Read More

Congrats to our graduating September 2017 class!

We’re proud of our graduates from our September 2017 Basic Appliance Repair course.  We did our background in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We wish them a speedy recovery from the recent storms. We wish them all the best of luck as they begin a career in appliance repair!