5 Reasons to Wear Work Gloves for Appliance Repair

appliance gloves

Work gloves are an important and understated part of appliance repair. Thousands of repair manuals, guides, and videos mention wearing gloves, and just as many don’t. But professionally trained appliance repair techs know that work gloves should be part of almost every supply list and toolkit. Wearing work gloves is more than just tradition, it’s a vital safety measure, and … Read More

Appliance Industry 2019 Q2 Results

Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter. Whirlpool Q2 Statement Whirlpool Q2 Analysis Electrolux Q2 Statement Electrolux Q2 Analysis Samsung Q2 Statement Samsung Q2 Analysis LG Q2 Statement LG Q2 Analysis

Full Scholarship being awarded at NASC 2019

We are excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Fred’s Appliance Academy that will earn the winner a full-tuition scholarship for the three-week Basic Appliance Repair Course.  Tuition includes student housing for the entire three-week course. This scholarship will be awarded to one member of the Professional Service Association in attendance at the upcoming NASC event in Chicago, IL … Read More

Build Your Appliance Repair Career

Nothing tells potential employers or customers you are serious and care about your work like investing in learning to do the job well. And the investment of time and money may not be as costly as you think to learn quality appliance repair. Courses Fred’s appliance repair courses are held on campus in Madison, OH. Unlike online courses or do-it-yourself … Read More

5 Non-Tools that Every Repair Toolbox Needs

When most people think of stocking up a toolbox for repair work, they start listing a collection of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and meters that might be useful to have on the job. These are all important parts of your toolbox, but never forget that repair professionals also have a few very important non-tool items in the kit that are essential … Read More

5 Tips for Working with Tools that You Only Learn From Experience

In the appliance repair business, you find yourself working with a lot of tools. Whether you’re working under dishwashers, taking apart washing machines, or braving basement furnaces, keeping a well-stocked toolkit can really matter. Appliance repair involves a lot of hands-on work with the tools and not always at convenient angles for the human hand to work with. Which is … Read More

Seven Reasons Appliance Repair is a Great Retirement Skill

Retirement is an interesting time in anyone’s life. You’re done working, but you’re not done living. Many people go on retirement vacations, pick up new hobbies, or try a second or third career to shake things up during the retirement years. Many settle into homeownership or take off on a long-term RV adventure. Amongst the more enjoyable retirement plans is … Read More

5 Ways to Make Money from Learning Appliance Repair

Being able to repair home appliances is an important skill to have. A handy person around the house can save thousands in repair costs and extend the life of home appliances for years. But the benefits go so much further than your own kitchen. The skill to repair home appliances also comes with significant external financial opportunities. There is always … Read More