A New Career in Three Weeks? You Betcha.

A new career in three weeks sounds a lot like a gimmick of some kind. There are probably many other companies where such a claim would be exactly that – a gimmick, some way of getting you to sign up for 6 months of training or books or webinars or whatever. Not so with Fred’s Appliance Academy. With our academy, you … Read More

Hands-on Lokring refrigeration training now available

We have added to our three-week course and our single week basic refrigeration course the basics of using Lokring to repair refrigerators. Starting with our May 2018 three-week course, we are officially offering Lokring training during our refrigeration sealed system lab sessions.  Over the last year, we have been practicing and mastering the method of using the Lokring tool in appliance … Read More

Appliance Repair: Skills Your Grown Children Can Always Fall Back On

Being a modern parent isn’t easy. Between cell phones and social media, figuring out the right answers to give your children on how to act and even who to be when they grow up is a lot more complicated than it used to be. In fact, it doesn’t get that much easier when your children graduate high school and are … Read More

How to Organize Your Tools for Efficiency and Reduced Loss

When you’re visiting a customer’s house to repair an appliance, you need to have all your tools with you. Depending on the range of appliances you service, this can mean bringing quite a bit of equipment on the road that you need to be able to sort through quickly, maintain, and take with you without leaving it at the customer’s … Read More

Three Reasons Why You Should Learn General Appliance Repair Before Specializing

Once you get past the outer casing, most appliances are all the same. The cooling system on the bottom of a refrigerator works the same way an air conditioner’s coils do, and the valve connection in a dishwasher have the same common problems as the connections in a washing machine. That commonality, as well as the growing demand for appliance … Read More

How Fred’s Appliance Academy Can Further Your Career

As the world continues to change and the demand for certain professional industries continues to decline, one type of job that will always be in high demand is appliance repair. As home appliances continue to become more complicated, the need for those that are skilled to fix the appliances will continue to increase. If you are considering a new career, … Read More

Academy Resources moving from Box to Google Drive

We at Fred’s Appliance Academy have been hard at work looking to improve our curriculum and continue our push towards accreditation.  Our staff looks constantly for better and more effective ways to train appliance repair.  This includes the software we use. For years we have used Box.com to handle our Academy Resources.  Our resources include a large, searchable database of … Read More

Full Scholarship being awarded at BrandSource The Summit 2018

We are excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Fred’s Appliance Academy that will earn the winner a full tuition scholarship for the three-week Basic Appliance Repair Course.  Tuition includes student housing for the entire three-week course. This scholarship will be awarded to one member of the BrandSource buying group in attendance at this March’s The Summit event in Nashville, … Read More