How to Fix Frigidaire Dryer e64 Error Code

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If your Frigidaire dryer is displaying an e64 error code, it means the dryer is sensing there is a problem with the heating element. It could be that a coil has broken, the element has a short circuit, or a wire is defective. If you troubleshoot the heating element but still get the e64 error code, the thermal fuse or … Read More

Appliance Industry 2021 Q3 Results

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Take a look at the following info from Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG to see how each performed in the last quarter.Q3StatementQ3AnalysisQ3StatementQ3AnalysisQ3StatementQ3AnalysisQ3StatementQ3Analysis

Cleaning Your Washer Using Vinegar

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Hi, my name is Renae and I’m an appliance repair tech. A lot of people ask me whether or not vinegar is safe to use in your washing machine because apparently there are a lot of rumors going around that vinegar is going to eat away at the rubber gaskets and seals within your machine. Now, I don’t have a … Read More

A Look Inside Your Dishwasher

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Oh my gosh, you guys. I’ve been wanting to show you this for a long time, and now, the opportunity has finally presented itself. Hold up one sec. Hi, my name is Renae. I’m an appliance repair tech, and this is a clear dishwasher door. It’s actually a tool that we can use to diagnose dishwasher issues. It lets you … Read More

How to Fix Samsung Washer U6 Error Code

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A Samsung washer U6 error code means that there is an “unbalanced load error.” The U6 error code is similar to Samsung error codes Ub, UE, 1 Ub, and 1U6. When you get a U6 error code, it usually happens near the end of the wash cycle or at the start of the spin cycle. At first, the washer may … Read More

How to Fix LG Dryer Error Codes D80, D90, and D95

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LG dryers are high-quality appliances with industry-leading safety features. The main safety feature they have is the ability to display specific error codes when something is wrong with the dryer or the ventilation system. In this article, we will explain 3 of the most common error codes: D80, D90, and D95. Let’s start by explaining what these error codes mean. … Read More

Max Fill Line on Your Washer Dispenser

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A lot of other people ask me this question, yours was just the first that I happened to be able to find to respond to. But I see a lot of you guys saying that you always fill up to the max line in your detergent dispenser. Keep in mind, max is short for a maximum, which means that’s the … Read More